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China’s Goodwill Ambassador, Tai Shan, The Panda
By Patricia Eireann Holz
This is a children’s story told in part fact, and part fiction, about Tai Shan, a very popular, fun loving 4year-old panda born at the Washington National Zoo. The story begins when Tai Shan is informed by his parents, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang that he has go to live in China to help save the panda population. Tai Shan’s adventures begin as he finds a way to say “Goodbye” to his friends Mr. Leonardo the Lion with the big roar, Miss Sniffy the lovable giraffe, and finally Elemorphoriticus, the elephant with the golden voice. He then sets out on the long journey to Sichuan on the Bamboo Express. During the flight he meets a new friend, Shola, a German shepherd, who is going to China to serve as a seeing-eye dog to a little blind girl. Talking to his new friend makes the time go by fast until he finally arrives at the Wolong Conservation Center for pandas in Sichuan. Here he attends kindergarten and later is allowed to run freely into the woods with a monitor around his neck to help find baby pandas.

When the time comes to save a baby panda from the open mouth of a crocodile, although Tai Shan is extremely scared, it is the big test of his courage, and his ability to be strong and brave in the face of danger.

The purpose of the book is to increase a child’s awareness of the larger world, the joy of travel, the poignancy of separation and the ability to find solutions to problems. It is about friendship, courage and openness to the world.

Patricia Eireann Holz writes travel stories, poetry, and fiction. She has worked extensively with children in the field of psychology. She believes that a child’s creativity and imagination should be nurtured early in development and that story telling, and reading to children should begin in infancy.

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