Pandas’ Earthquake Escape Book



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Pandas’ Earthquake Escape is a fictional story based on a real-life event.

In real life, XiXi, a Giant panda did escape from the destroyed Wolong Panda Reserve when the 7.9 earthquake rocked Northern China on May 12, 2008. Author Phyllis Perry uses the adventures of a mother panda, LiLing, and her one year old cub, Tengfei, to teach children about earthquakes, animal survival, and to reinforce a mother’s instinct to protect her child. After the quake, mother and cub run from the wreckage. Confused and afraid, they get lost! How will they survive outside their reserve? Will they find food? Will they find shelter? And will they safely endure the earthquake after-shocks? There is something to be learned from every natural disaster, and LiLing and Tengfei give children an opportunity to see it through their eyes. With the help of Susan Detwiler’s vivid illustrations, author Phyllis Perry uses a factual event to teach children about earthquakes and animal survival.

Written by Phyllis J. Perry
Illustrated by Susan Detwiler

32 pg, 11 x 8.5, ages 4-8, Lexile: AD 580

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