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The cost to care for one panda for a year is $10,000.
The money from a sponsorship covers the cost of the caretaker staff, veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, and lots of bamboo for all of the captive pandas.

All proceeds from each Toys Sponsorship will go towards helping to purchase  enrichment toys for the Pandas in China.

Each Toys Sponsorship includes:

  • Personalized Certificate w/photo
  • Bookmark
  • Informational Brochure
  • Pennies 4 Pandas Brochure
  • 5 blank panda cards and envelopes
  • Stickers
  • Panda Band
  • Pin
  • 1 small panda figurine
  • 2 panda tattoos

Your pandas will be cared for at the Gengda Center, the Bifengxia Center and the Dujiangyan Center all in southern China’s Sichuan Province. Pandas require very special care so they must be in a Panda Center. Staff at the centers work around the clock to care for the pandas. Extensive diaries are kept on each animal’s weight, feeding and general health. The ratio of staff at Hetaoping, Bifengxia, and Dujiangyan is one caretaker for every two pandas.

*All sponsorships will not be charged for shipping.

**International sponsorships will not contain a panda band, pin, or figurines due to extra mailing costs. They will contain a small magnet instead to keep the package flat.


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